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To make a door list for Saturday night, simply fill out the form on your right. Once your list has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email. Door lists close at 5pm on the day.

Dress/Entry Codes

No ID No Entry

No Streetwear, Fightwear, Tracksuits

No Tank Tops, Singlets, Sleeveless Shirts

No Running Shoes, Work Boots, Thongs

No Mohawks Or Rats Tails

No Neck, Face, Offensive, Or Club-Related Tattoos

No Backpacks Or Bum Bags

No Backpacks Or Bum Bags

No Refunds On Cover Charges


ID is a requirement by law and is unavoidable. Only the following forms of identification are accepted as proof of age to allow entry into the premises: 

  • allow digital identification at the door
  • a current Australian driver’s license or permit
  • a current Australian or foreign passport
  • a current Government issued proof of age card
  • an overseas drivers license that must contain the persons photograph, date of birth and be written in the English language.

Management Reserves the Right to Refuse Entry to Any Persons Deemed Not Suitable to the Establishment